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Have You Planned for Your Loved Ones’ Futures?

Estate planning is not an easy topic for many to discuss, let alone act upon, but it’s important to do both to ease the burden of your passing from your loved ones. If you have a disorganized estate or no plans at all, your family may be saddled with complicated financial and legal matters during their mourning that could take years of costly probate hearings and attorneys’ fees to untangle.

At Sargent Law Office, we know it doesn’t have go that way – we want to help you arrange your affairs and can help you build a comprehensive plan that makes sense for your estate.

Our services can help your address matters concerning the following estate planning mechanisms:

We are not limited to just these types of estate planning services. If you want to address a specific issue or create a comprehensive estate plan to cover everything, our estate planning attorney in Danville is ready to support your endeavor.

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Your Estate Plan Is about More Than Property & Money

A lot of people who don’t have large estates may think they don’t need a will or any kind of estate planning in place. While it’s true that even just a will can make sure precious family heirlooms and other sentimental items fall into the right hands, sometimes planning for the future is about more than what you own.

Your Personal Health Care

The first of such considerations may be how your medical care will be carried out should you become serious sick or injured and are unable to make decisions for yourself. Establishing advance directives and assigning a health care proxy – a trusted relative or friend who will make medical decisions on your behalf – can make it easier for your loved ones to know how you want to be treated should you be approaching the end of your life.

Guardianship over Your Children

When you pass on, who do you want to raise your children? Guardianship is a key component of your will because it will let you have a say in who gets to raise your children when you pass on. Otherwise, the decision may be up to a probate judge who can select someone from your family who may not share your values or impart the life lessons you would want your children to have. Making sure you assign a legal guardian you can trust is important because chances are you will want to also build a trust fund for your child that will need a reliable adult trustee’s oversight.

Ownership of Surviving Pets

A final consideration is pets. For some people, the care for the animals in their lives is a matter nearly as important as guardianship over their children. If you pass on with a pet still living, you can select who will be granted ownership over your pet. You may even be able to set aside a funds in a trust to be used solely for the benefit of the pet for the remainder of its life. While you’re probably imagining cats and dogs right now, but if you own an animal like a turtle, tortoise, or parrot, consider that these creatures can have lifespans as long as a human’s and even longer – this makes planning for their future care all the more important if you value a pet like this in your life.

Do You Need a Capable Estate Planning Attorney in Danville?

Sometimes all you need to get started or make a necessary change to your existing estate plan is the confidence that only a capable attorney can provide. At Sargent Law Office, we know we inspire such assurance in our clients because we are top-rated among them and enjoy a high Avvo rating by our peers in the legal profession.

Attorney Hannah Sargent’s experience as former military officer and company commander prepared her to carry out complicated tasks requiring dedication to every minute detail. She brings that same dedication to the table for her clients when she represents their interests in preparing important estate planning documents that get the job done for you and your family.

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