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When do you think is the right time to start thinking about estate planning? Some think the right time comes when they get married, have a new child, approach retirement, or experience a windfall. All of those are good answers, but the best answer is right now. Regardless of where you are at in life at the moment, if you don’t have an estate plan in place, you can leave a headache upon your loved ones’ heartache as they struggle to make sense of the situation.

Sargent Law Office can help you build a comprehensive estate plan that accounts for many contingencies that can complicate the division and transfer of your estate’s assets and belongings. Even if you don’t think you own enough to warrant creating a will, you probably have family heirlooms or items of sentimental value you want to be sure fall into the right hands. No matter what you have or how much of it you have, however, an estate plan can account for as much of it as possible to protect your family’s interests.

We can help you build the following mechanisms into your estate plan:

We are not limited to just these types of plans for your estate. Talk to our estate planning attorney in Richmond by contacting us online or calling {F:P:Sub:Phone} to learn more about how Sargent Law Office can help you.

More Than Just Things & Money

There’s more to an estate plan than the material possessions we acquire and wish to pass down. If you become seriously sick or injured and are unable to tell doctors or family members how you want to be treated, the advance directives in your estate plan can help determine important matters concerning your medical care. You can even assign someone you trust to enact your advance directives and enable them to make decisions on your behalf that may not be accounted for in your plan.

For many people, their medical care interests lay in questions such as:

  • If I am unresponsive, how far will health care workers go to save my life?
  • Will I be resuscitated or live on life support despite brain death?
  • At what point during my treatment will my doctors focus on comfort care?

Our estate planning attorney in Richmond can also help you determine who will be assigned as your children’s legal guardians and who will care for your pets when you pass on. These are important considerations because our children and beloved pets give us so much joy during our lives that ensuring they are well accounted for and will be protected upon our passing is the least we can do for them.

If it’s time to begin planning your affairs, reach out to our estate planning attorney in Richmond at Sargent Law Offices for help by contact us online.

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