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Have you noticed a gray hair or two in the mirror? Have you recently found yourself in possession of a sizeable estate? Do you want your loved ones to have an easy time sorting through your assets after you pass away? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it is time to start using estate planning properly and to your advantage.

By taking the initiative sooner than later, you can sidestep unexpected difficulties, costs, and frustrations down the line. Not only will you thank yourself but your loved ones will, too. At Sargent Law Offices, our Contra Costa estate planning and probate attorney is all about making the lives of our clients much easier. For legal guidance of only the highest quality, look no further than us.

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Clients who enter estate planning or prepare for probate on their own can wind up lost in an intricate system of legal terms and strict regulations. Why should you scratch your head, lose time, and risk making critical mistakes when Contra Costa Estate Planning Attorney Hannah Sargent and the Sargent Law Offices are here to help you? We proudly dedicate our full attention to each client who requires our legal services, forming solutions that are as unique as the people we assist. No premanufactured strategies here – only personally-tailored dedication will do.

Allow us to manage your case, which can include:

Attorney Sargent is also well-versed in business law and intellectual property laws. If business ownership is a concern in your estate plan, you can trust in us to handle it.

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One step at a time is all it takes to create a solid estate plan that clears up any confusion your family members and loved ones could face after you pass away. Let us be there to help you make the first step, the second, and so on. Contact the Sargent Law Offices today to speak to an estate planning and probate attorney in Contra Costa County.

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