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No one wants to imagine the day when they will no longer be able to care for their loved ones or manage their own estate, and yet that day will come eventually. To set your mind at ease and provide a comprehensive strategy to provide comfort to your friends and family, you should start planning your estate today. When you have your estate planned out and matters settled, you will be able to return to focusing on other important matters, such as relaxing and enjoying your time with the people you care for most.

Hannah Sargent Provides Compassionate Legal Guidance

At Sargent Law Offices, we are led by Attorney Sargent, a former military officer and company commander. Not only did her experience in the military teach her the importance of dedication to a cause, but it also showed her the importance of sticking together and helping those in need. When you come to us for assistance, you can rest assured that your priorities will become our priorities. We will do all we can to guide you through this process and set you and your loved ones up for a successful and stable future.

Accolades and accomplishments that set Attorney Sargent apart include:

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Solid Plans for Your Loved Ones

When we take up a case for our clients, we set out to create the absolute best solutions tailored to their specific needs. We can do this by always addressing every detail and viewing any possible conflicts from all angles. If there is a problem, we know of a resolution; all it takes is some determination and legal know-how to get you there.

Matters we need to consider when planning your estate are varied, such as:

There is no set way to create an estate plan. What you require is completely depending on your unique situation. Part of our role as your legal advocates includes making sure that the strategy you ultimately use is right for you.

When you come to us, we will want to discuss:

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Our Hayward estate planning attorneys are always sure to use clear language that is not convoluted with legalese when drafting wills or trusts. We do not want to cloud up your intentions; rather, we want them to be easily carried out by your loved ones. We believe that for this reason – and so many more – we should be your first choice for representation and counsel when you begin to plan your estate.

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