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As you enter into the golden years of your life, make certain you are prepared for the new challenges ahead. In particular, you should use estate planning to get all of your assets in order sooner than later. You will appreciate the peace of mind completing your estate plan can bring, and your loved ones will appreciate your initiative. At Sargent Law Offices, we are always happy to help people through this important yet complicated legal process.

San Leandro Estate Planning Attorney Hannah Sargent has:

Our goal is to bring you reliable and effective legal representation and guidance at competitive prices. Young or old, rich or poor, everyone should really have an estate plan in place, and we are here to serve anyone in the greater Bay Area.

Set You and Your Loved Ones Up for a Stable Future

Throughout our years of legal practice, we have heard many times that people shy away from estate planning due to the inherent complexity of the legal processes. While this is an understandable outlook, the issue is easily remedied once you realize that a professional San Leandro estate planning attorney like Hannah Sargent can help you through it, starting from day one. Let us know what you think are the problem areas of your estate and we can begin formulating a personalized solution from there.

We would be happy to help you with:

  • Will creation
  • Appointing trustees
  • Powers of attorney
  • Extended healthcare
  • Business ownership
  • Healthcare needs

The entire purpose of your estate plan is to make your intentions clear and eliminate any chances of confusion after you pass away. We keep this in mind as we lay out your plan, review it, and alter it when necessary. If you are not satisfied that your plan is how you want it, we are not satisfied.

Probate Services in San Leandro

In addition to helping people create wills and trusts, we also offer probate services for when the time comes to review a will. The court needs to see a will that has no errors that could alter its function or make it invalid. We can be there to assist you and your loved ones in this process to make it take as little time as possible. The sooner the decedent’s will goes through probate, the sooner the inheritance can be distributed.

The Guidance You Need with the Compassion You Deserve

We do not provide estate planning and probate services just because we are good at it; we also genuinely want to help the people of our community through difficult times in any way we can. By bringing together professional knowledge and friendly compassion, we believe we are the ideal choice in the Bay Area.

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