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Have you recently come into a sizeable sum of money or have reached the retirement age? Before you focus on sitting back and relaxing, you still have one more important task ahead of you: estate planning. By creating your estate plan now and properly preparing for probate, you can instantly eliminate any potential legal struggles your loved ones would have faced in the future if you had not.

Our San Lorenzo probate and estate planning attorney at Sargent Law Offices, Hannah Sargent, values the benefits of planning ahead. We genuinely want to see you and your family sitting comfortably in the years to come, knowing that your properly established estate plan has accounted for any and all potential complications before they even occur.

Working with us allows to benefit from:

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Proper Probate Preparations

Just about every will that has ever been created has gone through probate but each one goes through at its own speed. The more prepared and well-drafted your will is before you pass away, the less likely the probate process will take months or longer. Not only would this allow your inheritors to access the items of your estate set aside for them sooner than later, it can also drastically reduce court fees paid to the state. Do not worry about having to compromise when it comes to preparing for probate, either. We do what we can to expedite the procedures but we never do so while sacrificing your own best interests.

Estate Planning for Now & Later

Our San Lorenzo estate planning attorney is here to help you get everything in order as quickly and as stress-free as possible. Do you want to create a will to name beneficiaries? We can do that for you. Do you think your assets would be better off secured through trusts? This is also a possibility that we can explore with you. The best answer will depend on your wishes, as well as the extent and value of your estate, so we can set aside plenty of time or discussing your legal options at your pace. The last thing we want to do is make you feel as though you are being rushed into any decisions that are not your own.

Parts of your estate pertinent to a standard estate plan are:

  • Heirlooms
  • Homes
  • Businesses
  • Stocks
  • Savings accounts
  • Motor vehicles

Professional Help for So Many of Your Legal Needs

Sargent Law Offices has become the go-to, one-stop law firm for many people throughout San Lorenzo. We can set you down the right path for estate planning and probate cases, but we are also familiar with related areas of the law. For example, business litigation often comes up when a business owner is drafting a will, so Attorney Sargent has focused part of her firm on business law.

The bottom line is that we can help you through thick or thin, simple or complex legal cases. When you want legal support in the Bay Area, we want to be the law firm you think of first. Contact us today, tell us all about your estate planning or probate issue during a complimentary case evaluation, and can inform you of your legal options from there.

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