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It may be hard to think about a time when you will no longer be around to care for your family, but it can be much harder for those you love if your affairs are not in order. Taking time now to build a comprehensive estate plan is time well spent – in fact, there’s never a better time to plan for the future than before a crisis impacts your family. Those who wait risk passing away with a disorganized estate plan or none at all, leaving their loved ones to sort through the pieces while mourning their loss.

Attorney Hannah Sargent of Sargent Law Offices knows it doesn’t need to be like that. That’s why she’s focused on providing clients a thorough approach to building their estate plans to care for as many contingencies as possible.

We can help you determine important matters such as:

When you work with our estate planning attorney in Union City, you can expect to feel more confident that your affairs are in good order and capable hands. We’ll take time to learn about you and your goals and walk you through each step of the process toward accomplishing your goals.

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Estate planning is important because it goes much further than planning out who will get what and how much of what you have. Such considerations may even seem unsavory right now, but there are other important aspects of estate planning wrapped up in these matters that go beyond material possessions.

One such thing is your end-of-life medical care. How will you be treated by health care workers when you’re approaching the end of your life? How far will they go to sustain your life or resuscitate you? Do you wish to live on life support and at what point will medical intervention focus on comfort care before allowing you to pass on? These are all important questions that advance directives can answer for your doctors and loved ones. You can even assign someone you trust, such as a – spouse, parent, adult child, or friend – to make important decisions on your behalf that aren’t accounted for in your directives.

A second consideration is who will assume guardianship over minor children or ownership of your pets? Children younger than 18 will need to be cared for by someone you trust to share values similar to your own and impart lessons you wish you could have. Pets bring us comfort and joy every day, so making sure they are given to people we trust to provide them with quality care can help us rest easier knowing they will also be loved when we’re gone.


When it comes to building your estate plan, you want to be sure you’re working with an attorney with the credentials, understanding, and capability to make you feel confident that your family will be secure.

Attorney Hannah Sargent is a former military officer and company commander who has demonstrated keen attention to detail in complicated processes requiring precision. She is a highly rated on Avvo by her peers in the legal profession and is top-rated by her clients. Attorney Sargent strives to provide the most professional, personable, and caring legal counsel possible. As a former member of the military, she also provides a unique perspective of estate planning for veterans like her and has VA accreditation from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.

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